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Put allcards on the table
We will tell you about each builder. The builder themselves will not reveal their shortcomings to you
We can help with registration, money transfers, obtaining citizenship
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We work with. Althought there are more than 300 construction companies in the market
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All stages of working with us are transparent

  • 01 / Catalogue

    Study our catalogue, prepare questions

  • 02 / Contact us

    Call or send a message with the name of the property via our form

  • 03 / Presentation of the project

    We make a virtual or in-office presentation of the project, showing the pros and cons

  • 04 / Once you have chosen a property

    We are ready to arrange a tour of the site and the developer's office for you

  • 05 / Deciding which one to choose

    Selecting and booking a particular flat

  • 06 / Deal

    We do the deal, we help with the payment, the paperwork

  • 07 / After construction

    Our designer is ready to help with furnishing and decorating

  • 08 / Support

    If you sell your flat after construction is complete, our team will take care of it

  • 09 / Property management

    If you decide to rent and receive a passive income, our company will manage your property

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